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The ADC is run by a  dedicated staff.
For all enquires, please email reception@antidef.org.au

  • Executive Officer : Edna

    Edna has been working at the ADC since February 2008. In her role as Executive Officer, Edna is responsible for implementing and running our programs. These include Click Against Hate, ADC Gandel Oration, Campus anti-Semitism and other ADC events.

  • Bookkeeper: Michele

    Michele has been working at the ADC since May 2015. She is responsible for all bookkeeping and financial duties.

  • Education Officers: Sharon, Brett and Lindy

    Sharon, Brett and Lindy are our team of education officers. Together, they are responsible for delivering the Click Against Hate program in Victorian schools. Our team bring years of educational experience into the classroom to engage the students in this dynamic program.

  • Education Support: Dannyella

    Dannyella has been working at the ADC since April 2015 and is responsible for co-ordinating the Click Against Hate program. She is the liaison officer between the schools and the Education officers.

  • Volunteers: Annette and Rebecca

    Annette has been working at the ADC for over 30 years as our research officer and Rebecca helps with the database and administrative duties. The ADC is indebted to our volunteers and we thank them most sincerely for their contribution.