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Report Hate Portal
Help us fight the virus of online hate and bigotry.

We all have a duty to fight online hatred and intolerance  and to make the internet safer for everyone.
This tool makes it easier for users to report hate speech and flag offensive content that violates the companies’ own terms of service, rules and guidelines.
Simply look for the company’s name to find its policies on cyber-hate, bullying and harassment, as well a link that will enable you file a complaint and submit a report.

Thank you for standing together with us to battle the cancer of extremism and bigotry.

General Hate Speech Policy

We include racism, bullying and harassment specifically and intently directed at people as well as other types of content.


Cyberbullying/Harrassment Policies & Resources


The Office of the eSafety Commissioner of the Australian Government describes the following types of content that may be Prohibited or Illegal:

  • footage of real or simulated violence, criminal activity or accidents from video clips, games or films
  • sexually explicit content
  • images of child sexual abuse
  • content that advocates the doing of a terrorist act
  • content instructing or promoting crime or violence.

Reporting Options

Have something on our website to report?
Please send an email to abuse@booktopia.com.au We will consider your view and if we deem it appropriate to act, then we will do so.

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