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The ADC has welcomed the confirmation by the Royal Flying Doctors that a delay in finalising a flight training tender with Israeli company Elbit was a result of a failure to obtain the necessary funds from a federal grant, than any BDS policy. BDS Australia claimed on its Facebook page that a campaign by the Palestinian Support Network Australia forced the RFDS to sever the relationship with Elbit.

Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the ADC, issued the following statement:

“We are glad that he RFDS did not cave in and buckle to a hateful smear campaign of pressure from BDS groups and embraced an economic boycott of Elbit as is claimed. Targeting and pillorying Israeli companies through a false narrative and bullying tactics reveals that those activists seeking to cause financial harm to Elbit are not interested in bridge-building or peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but in demonisation and in a divisive rhetoric that must be rejected. The immoral BDS campaign aims to isolate and delegitimise Israel, and its biased agenda must never find a home in Australia. Israeli companies must be treated equally and blacklisting Elbit or any other Israeli company  would contravene our country’s fundamental values and would be a betrayal of a valued ally.”


The Australian Jewish News

For further information please contact Dr Dvir Abramovich on (03) 9272 5677.